We are officially ready to launch the new web page. After many weeks of trying to sort out the glitches we are proud to announce that the site is ready to go live, although it has been live with many hiccups.

I greet you all and ask you to take an interest in the schools vision and mission, basically to change lives forever for Christ. We are proud of our students, proud of our staff and proud of the mandate God has given us to transform lives for Him.

We offer far more than a school. We offer a spiritual experience, a home, a family and a life of prayer. We are excited about life and serve with passion. May we always enjoy the challenge of bringing life to every student and family we come into contact with.

Our school enjoys immense work into local communities and across our countries borders, into Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Mozambique. Our links extend to Canada through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International in South Africa). ACSI extends into Africa and has impacted countries with superb Christian education. ACSI is based in Colorado, Springs in the USA and has worked worldwide for over 30 years. We are proud to be associated with them. Please check out both of these organisations on our linked websites at the top of our site.

We link with Dunamis Education in Canada , an organisation that has blessed us over many years with leadership support. Thank you Lord for their passion for our school. Through their commitment to growing the school, we have become a dynamic Christian school. We have seen students emerge from difficult personal challenges to become leaders in the workplace. Our school is a stress free community of grace, in which students may grow free of condemnation and where every stumbling block in their lives can be overcome through open-hearted counselling, foregivenss and upliftment through a closer relationship with Him. We aim to live by grace and steer children towards the right choices as witnesses for God.

We are proud of the links we have developed over the past few years and are indebted to the organisations, individuals and schools which have supported us through our growth. To name all of these companies, schools and individuals would perhaps offend if we inadvertantly left someone out and, therefore, say to all those who have contributed to the school, thank you for your love and friendship. Your investment into our lives has invested into the lives of the future leaders in our nation. May your lives be forever enriched with the blessing of God.

Our school has been a testimony of God's love and belongs to Him alone. No man can take credit for the success of the school. May we continue to serve Christ knowing that He is all and in all. His way is perfect and in our imperfect lives He makes us perfect through His love for us. May we always be passionate in the call we have as members of The King's Court.

We would love every child in our region to come and experience the immense joy and peace of our school. No other school offers the total package that Christ offers in our school. More than a school!!!! A family and life changing experience. Praise God for His goodness.

In Jesus name,
Fred Hoffman